About us

about us

Carpet Clean Company LTD provides carpet cleaning services to all London boroughs within the M25 ring. Our main goal is to provide high quality carpet, upholstery, domestic and office cleaning services to both residential and business clients at an affordable price.

If you were searching for the most affordable and superior carpet cleaning service provider with amazing results, then you have come to the right place. As carpet experts, we believe that a clean home starts with a clean carpet.

Carpets are known to collect dust, pet hair, coffee stains and even wine stains. While there are DIY methods that many home owners get to learn from the internet, it is wise to seek professional help from Carpet Clean Company. You don’t have to watch your expensive carpet fabric being destroyed because you followed “a recommended DIY method from the internet.”

Why we are the best?

  • Highly trained, skilled and experienced employee

Our employees have undergone extensive training both in educational institutions and from completing tasks for clients. They are knowledgeable, highly skilled and experienced therefore you are not only assured of high quality service but professionalism and a clean carpet at the end.

Our employees have been certified meaning they follow strict guidelines which helps to ensure fast service. To ensure you and your property are protected, we have made sure our staff members are insured. Incase of damage to the property, you don’t have to fear, compensation will be made leaving you happy customer.

  • Well equipped

Over the years, we have invested in purchasing the right equipment that helps to ensure your carpet stays clean. Mobile trucks, professional carpet cleaning machine, detergents and soaps are available to our employees. When you contact us, we can pick your carpet, clean it and return it in time for you and your family to enjoy a clean environment.

As a well equipped company, we can also clean the carpet within the premises allowing you close supervision of our employee (which is not necessary)

Why select us?

  • Fast and professional service

When you contact our customer support service for a carpet cleaning job, they will not down your request and pass it on to the technicians. The technicians will respond quickly to your request and complete the carpet cleaning job within a short duration. This will ensure your home and carpet are clean.

  • Best customer service

When you contact our customer service with a query, you will be assured of the best answer. Whether you are inquiring about the price of cleaning different carpets or the duration technicians will take to clean your carpet, answers will provided fast and in a professional manner.

For your peace of mind, Carpet Clean Company LTD is fully insured and covered by our liability insurance. Choose us for the best service.